Owning in Mexico

An old law once prohibited foreigners from owning real estate within 100 kilometers of the Mexican coast. The good news is that there are ways around this. You can create a legal entity in Mexico and use it to buy the land. Since the land is owned by a Mexican entity, this fulfills the constitutional requirements. If this entity is a trust, a foreigner can be named as the beneficiary. The trust is administered by a Mexican bank which is obligated to act on the behalf of the beneficiary of the trust. These types of trusts are called fideicomiso and last for 50 years. While the land is in the trust it can be sold, inherited, and so on. In the last year of the trust, it can be renewed for an additional 50 years.
This can go on indefinitely. Similar to an estate trust, allows the foreign trust beneficiary all the rights and privileges of fee simple ownership. The rights to build, lease, and sell and even to pass the rights on to an heir are all established in the terms of the trust agreement. These secure, buyer-friendly revisions to the laws governing foreign investment in Mexico, have allowed sophisticated investors throughout the United States and Canada, to enjoy the benefits of property ownership in Mexico's restricted zone.